4411 Rosemont Drive
Columbus, Georgia 31904

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BECOME M Powered 

The MPower Project serves all the MSM, Gay and Bi-Sexual Males of Columbus, Georgia and surrounding areas.  

The MPower Project mobilizes MSM (Gay and Bi-Sexual Men Who Have Sex with Men) and teaches them to build and shape a healthy community for themselves and each other while encouraging and educating them on how to build social connections and support and teach others about safe sex, prevention, testing, and treatment.  

Guiding Principles:

A series of principles guide this multi-level Project. They include:


  • Personal and community empowerment
  • Diffusion of new behaviors through social networks
  • Peer-influence
  • Putting HIV prevention & Substance Abuse within the context of other compelling issues for young gay/bisexual men (e.g. social issues)
  • Community building
  • Using gay-positive approaches


MPower Project offers Hepatitis C  Rapid Testing.  The test takes 20 minutes to process and is free to the public!  Contact us at (706) 587-5480, (706) 566-0937 or  (706) 570-8724

MPower Project presented a poster presentation at the 2015 National HIV Prevention Conference.


  • Facilitated by well-trained and skilled             Project staff and/or volunteers
  • Address issues that are important to            young gay/bisexual men 
  • Create social opportunities 
  • Eroticize safer sex 
  • Teach and motivate informal outreach 
  • Teach sexual negotiation skills 
  • Encourage Project involvement and              volunteerism 


  • Promotes safer sex and HIV testing
  • Includes an Outreach Team that goes to      venues to distribute safer sex and 

   HIV testing promotional materials and            conducts engaging performances 

  • Helps build community
  • Hosts Social Outreach Events that provide    social opportunities and promote HIV            prevention and are fun and appealing
  • Creates opportunities for positive peer           influence


  • Helps Distinguish between Moderate Use      and Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol
  • Teaches Risk Behavior due to Usage
  • Promotes & Provides Treatment and            Recovery